Go Forth & Multiply Rabbitry

Quality 4-H and ARBA Rabbits

Please pardon our progress!  The site needs a major overhaul, so all information may not be accurate!  Please email us any inquiries!  We also have several animals not listed on here that are for sale!


Go Forth & Multiply Rabbitry is a small American Rabbit Breeders Association  registered rabbitry (ARBA #B583) located in Southern New Jersey. We have been raising Flemish Giants, and Mini Rex since 2003. We have raised other breeds, including Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf, Silver Marten, Standard Rex, and Polish throughout the years

Our team consists of Laurie and Patricia Goforth.  We work cooperatively to better all of our breeds.   

Our main focuses right now are in our Flemish Giants (in Black and Blue) and Mini Rex (Selfs and Otters).  In our Otter program we utilize Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac, as well as the brokens of each.  

We strive for quality in our herd.  We strongly believe that the quality of our animals is much more important than the quantity of them. 


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Updated as of: 2/1/2017